Reducing Ping in On-line Games

The most annoying problem for all the players who spend their time in online games (WoW, Counter Strike, Lineage, and any others) - is a high ping. More precisely, even if it is not very high, yet still everybody wants to reduce it, because the smaller the ping, the better, smoother, and more adequate flows in the game and all its actions.

But what is the Ping? Ping - it is nothing like time spent on the transfer of the packet of information in computer networks from client to server and back from the server to the client (by the way, there is some confusion of terminology, because it is being called does not ping but lag, or, in fact, delay and is measured in milliseconds. Lag is associated with the connection speed and congestion of channels all the way from client to server. But I will not break now, understanding of terminology - let it be a traditional ping). So, you can make a number of changes to the registry, which will substantially (almost twice!) reduce lag in almost all online games and applications using TCP-protocol.

In order not to do it long and hard on the registry and not to do it yourself, making a mess of things, clever craftsmen made a script that does all the changes automatically. Even if you think your existing ping is quite acceptable, it is still recommend to use such an add-on script, because the worse it won’t do, but better - for sure!

You can find a number of programs, which can offer you to reduce lag, in the Internet. And of course, most of them are requiring charge, and if you have found a free one – more likely that it is a fraud or viruses. So, be attentive when looking for such programs to avoid problems with your computer.